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Eyes are the centre of attraction on a face. Their brightness and perfect shape make the whole face glow. If your eyes look patchy and there are droopy eyelids over it then no matter how glowing the skin is, there will always be a major missing factor in your beauty.

This makes it even more important to consider the eyelids surgery if you are facing any of the given issues below.

  • Excess bag under your eyes
  • Droopy upper eyelids
  • Excess skin on upper eyelids
  • Excess skin to the lower eyelids
  • Eyelid creating problems in peripheral vision

Why choose us?

Eye is a very sensitive area on our face and needs great care to carry out the eyelid surgery. A person performing the surgery must have knowledge of all the parts of the eyes and area around it and must know how to make the changes without harming any part of the sensitive area or eye.

We have chosen surgeons from all over India who are masters of their work and have enormous experience in their field. They have conducted several surgeries in their entire career and have changed many lives. Our doctors have the best efficiency all over.

  • Make sure eyelid surgery does not affect other closing eyes and other eyelid problems
  • Minimum or no noticeable scarring
  • No injury to eye muscles
  • Does not hamper vision
  • No extreme reactions with appropriate medications

We are the best in our field and thrive to be able to help more and more people to give them the happiness they deserve by meeting up to their expectations.

Types of Eyelid Surgery

It depends on what part you want to do the surgery. Whether it is the upper skin or the lower baggy skin, if you want to remove the excess skin or the droopy ones.

Blepharoplasty – This is the most common surgery to reduce the excess fat and remove the puffiness. Excess skin is also cut off to give a young look. It can also be performed to remove the baggy eyelids below the eye to remove excess fat and skin. Also, the surgeons use lasers to tighten the skin or reposition the extra fat into the tear trough to even the skin outside.

Ptosis Repair Surgery - With this procedure, the droopy upper eyelids are made tight and skinny by removing excess fat and it can be without direct incision. Also, the excess skin and tissues are removed with the fat.

Eyelid surgery in India

Considering the sensitivity of the areas around the eye, its surgery was known to few surgeons and people used to avoid it and used creams to look younger that would tighten their skin but it actually does not make an effective change.

But now we know that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are growing in India and so the eyelids surgeries as people are getting trust on surgeons. So, you need to ensure that you meet a trusted, reliable and experienced surgeon.

Our surgeons know what is needed in a particular case and how to satisfy the patients by giving them desired results. So choose your city below and make an appointment now to know about your eyelids surgery.

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